Champoluc is an Alpine village situated at the foot of the Mount Rosemassif, the largest mountain range in Europe.
It is ayear-round tourist destination situatedat about 1568 masland nestled in a wide and sunny hollow.

The architecture, customs and traditions of Champoluc have been deeply influenced by the Walser, an ancient population originally from the German-speaking Switzerland who settled in these places since ancient times and brought its own unique culture.

For nature lovers, Champoluc represents the ideal place where experience direct contact with nature: magnificent pine and larch forests inhabited by foxes, ibex, chamois and marmots, clear smog-free sky and landscapes that can inspire feelings and emotions.

For sport lovers, Champoluc offers endless opportunities: trekking, hiking, Nordic walking, horse riding, but also skiing, snowshoeing, restingand much more…

Champoluc in Summer

Lago blu Val d'Ayas

Champoluc in Winter